received via email 01/04/2016 from NAPOLITANO FOR SHERIFF campaign

TRASH TALK – It is appropriate that an article by Ms. Kimberly Sutton about trash signs being an “in kind church donation” to my campaign amounts to prejudicial garbage. Only that purpose would explain the full intent and value of her jaundiced charge. First of all, she is being used as a conduit by people who are the source of her information and who oppose my candidacy. The signs in question were leftovers promoting a previous church event. As a law enforcement service retained by the church, I often noticed boxes stacked in the hallway outside the Security office. One day, I asked about the contents of the annoying boxes and was told they were “trash” signs and holders that were outdated and no longer needed from Christmas 2014. Being a conservative individual, I immediately thought of how I could repurpose them for my upcoming political campaign and offered to buy them. I was told; please just take them out of our hallway.


Unfortunately, Ms. Sutton also overlooked the fact, that my wife and I did not, that by recycling plastic trash and metal that would live forever in a landfill on this planet, we are making an “in kind” contribution to the environment. We dump less trash – We get more fresh air. I recall the pastor of the church being pleased that I volunteered to remove his outdated trash signs to be repurposed and recycled.  Ms. Sutton spent considerable time digging for dirt and came up with only garbage on her hands. If any behind-the-scenes subterfuge was done it was done by the writer who made intentional and totally unreasonable assumptions that appear to be part of a smear campaign by those who fear my election and changes to the law enforcement status quo in Montgomery County. This story is a blatant distortion of an innocent good deed in the outdated spirit of “yellow journalism.” I would be more-than-happy to discuss the matter with the Texas Ethics Commission which is the only opinion that counts.

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