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January 5, 2016


Yollick dismisses endorsement snub; to offer details on saving county $2.55 million


Conroe, TX − The lack of an endorsement from the Montgomery County Tea Party, a group with only 47 members (26 of whom didn’t show up for the endorsement meeting) is not stopping Eric Yollick, candidate for judge in Montgomery County’s 9th District Court, from moving forward with his campaign or his commitment to the citizens of Montgomery County. On Thursday night, Yollick will present his plan for improving judicial efficiency and saving local taxpayers more than $2.5 million at the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women Candidates’ Forum at 6:30 p.m., January 7, at the Lone Star Community Center.

“Our campaign is disappointed in the manner in which the Tea Party vetting committee, a small group of 8 blithering idiots, acted in evaluating the experience of candidates,” said Yollick. “It is unfortunate when special interest groups conducting hidden lobbying campaigns, half-truths, inaccuracies and hidden agendas are allowed to influence the political process.”

Yollick also expressed frustration that only 17 member votes were cast in the Montgomery County Tea Party endorsement process. Several of Yollick’s supporters attending the MCTP meeting were denied the opportunity to vote despite filling out membership applications and offering to pay dues in accordance with rules posted on the MCTP website, according to Yollick.

Despite the snub, Yollick said he is more committed than ever to his campaign to be judge in the 9th District Court. “That organization is a fake Tea Party group anyway. I could gather more members to form a ‘Tea Party’ in 30 minutes than that entire group has in its membership.”

“People are tired of the politics and the cronyism and they’re looking for a change of leadership,” said Yollick. “I have more than 26 years of legal experience and 40 years working for conservative causes. I’m the right individual for the job.”

To that end, Yollick announced he will present a plan to save Montgomery County taxpayers $2.55 million when he addresses the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women’s candidate forum Thursday evening. The plan, according to Yollick, is simple and effective and will be beneficial to the judicial process.

“My focus is on justice, not politics,” said Yollick. “I believe people are looking for leadership without hidden, self-serving agendas − and that’s what I offer.”

For additional information, please call Eric Yollick at 832-496-4898.


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