January 8, 2016


Taking slight detour from his campaign to to “MAKE OUR COURTHOUSE GREAT AGAIN” Eric Yollick has engaged TakingOnDistrictCourtsthe Montgomery County Tea Party in a email and web comment based dustup that has all the makings and episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! or maybe even the 1970’s hit The Gong Show following the announcement of MCTP endorsements and comments posted at US Vote Smart website.

After that brief recess Yollick has returned one of the strongest arguments in his campaign to be elected by

Montgomery County as Judge for 9th District Court, namely the administrative efficiency of the District Courts even down to the utilization of court rooms and workload of the Judge.

Yollick led the charge which specific action in a December 22 request made to the Office of Court Administration for caseload statistics, monthly & annual statistical analyses, calculations and presentations and  certified stenographic recorder data saved on the hard drives of court reporter Stenotype machines.

Yollick previously announced

Eric Yollick has filed an appeal of the decision by the Board of Judges to withhold their case disposition data in violation of Rule 12 of the Rules of Judicial Administration.  The appeal is to the Texas Office of Court Administration.  Yollick knows this information exists and has received partial copies of the documents from an source inside the Courthouse.  That’s how Yollick knew precisely what information to request.  There is no reason that the Courthouse personnel should hide this data from public view.

There is not doubt that some Judges would find such a search to expose their relative productivity contemptible and so it comes as little surprise that the Office of Court Administration would claim exemption from the “RULE 12” request.

In a letter from Court Director Nathan Jensen the Judges rejected both requests as follows ~

As to request (A), the records you are requesting are exempt and not subject to disclosure under Rule 12, though some of the data you request may be available through the Montgomery County District Clerk’s Office.
As to request (B), this office is not the custodian of the records that you seek, and unable to ascertain who the custodian would be.  Any appeal of this decision can be made to ( Texas Office of Court Administration )
Fortunately, Yollick who has in the past enjoyed the nickname “Bulldog” has not let go of what is a significant and meaningful quest for court transparency. A letter provided by the Yollick campaign to Texas Office of Court Administration  continues his fairly bold request  by arguing “Mr. Jensen’s ( ultimately the Judges themselves ) denial is stonewalling plain and simple” and “There is no (Rule 12) exemption that covers the statistical data”
These type of actions take time, after all we are deal with Judges and courts. On good sign though, In a meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Judges meeting the Judges met in executive session and according to one source the agenda item was the Yollick Rule 12 request.
Yollick is facing  Kate Bihm and Phil Grant in the Republican Primary contest for 9th District Court

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Delma Munoz · March 3, 2017 at 7:41 pm

EVERYONE in Montgomery County should be up in arms..and supporting…Mr Yollick…if not you are one of the bloodsucking GOVTEETWHORES..of the day…that has brought the USA to its knees when the corrupt rule over those whose lives have been taken having provided you with your liberties and freedom…which you have taken for granted..welcoming fraud, deceit, and the rape of all whom have sacrificed…for this great nation…Do Unto Others As You WOuld Have Them Do Unto YOU

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