Jim Jenkins is to return to court on Thursday Oct 5th @ 1:30 PM in the 359th District Court at 207 W Philips St. Conroe TX  for a status hearing.

This is where the State, i.e. Ken Paxton’s AG office will tell the court if they plan to continue pursuing their corrupt goal of prosecuting an innocent man.

Jim Jenkins is the “other” victim of Greg Abbott’s maniacal and wrongheaded prosecution of innocent RUD voters.

Jim first went to trial in 2013 where he was denied his right to present complete evidence and important witnesses in his defense thanks to a biased judge who had already decided Jenkins guilt and was totally indulgent to the State lackeys who continuously interrupted witnesses and hindered testimony.

Jim was sentenced to 3 years prison for following the law.

Jim appealed to a higher court and won a new trial but the Ken Paxton deliberately obstructed Jim’s path to exoneration by appealing his retrial to supreme criminal court in Texas the Court of Criminal Appeals who eventually upheld the lower court’s decision in Jim’s favor.

It was once a maxim in Texas that you did not need to prove your innocence rather the prosecution needed to prove your guilt.  That is no longer true in The State of Texas.

Jim was forced to feebly defend himself while being denied the right that is his to present all exculpatory evidence.

He is no longer up against the crooked Greg Abbott, who has actually set admitted illegal voting illegal aliens free. But has to now face the Ken Paxton gang. Ken Paxton is crying about false accusations that have yielded a wrongful witch hunt prosecution that he, Ken Paxton is facing.

People whine, What can I do?

Don’t be one of them. Don’t stand idly by and let Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott or anyone else get away with wrongful prosecution – AGAIN!

Call Paxton’s office. Call the media, make a noise and make sure you are in that court room on Thursday.



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