This according to ABC 13 At a press conference days after the flood, Martin questioned the SJRA’s decision making of when it chose to release water and how much. The organization said in a statement the comments that day led to harsh backlash. “A number of statements were made in Read more…

RUD PROSECUTOR : But, They had Money!

During a trial in which a Montgomery County man was accused of illegal voting in a special utility district, the defense counsel questioned the validity of two voters who were said by the state to have voted legally in the same election.

Like the defendant, the legal voters were temporary residents.

But, “they had money,” said David Glickler, the lawyer representing the state Attorney General’s office.

Such is the power in special districts around the state, often outposts of undeveloped land that are owned by developers, who in turn create mini-governments that tax new residents to cover the costs of development.

No to Randy Councill on the LSGCD

No to Randy Councill   Montgomery County Commissioners Court is preparing to interview seven nominees to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District ( LSGCD) to fill two county appointed seats. A newspaper report states “Seven names were proposed Tuesday at Commissioners Court. They include Randy Council, Jill Savory, Jack Curtsinger, Read more…


   Nothing is proved finally true until it is officially denied.   Here you can see a video of Gingrich taking back his comments presumably after Trump ordered him to do so. Citizen